EST. Training System

Are you ready to absolutely transform your fitness and body?

We have designed a training system that works on your schedule. Our 6 day workout system is an easy to follow – yet effective way to train for inedible results!

We’ve changed how group training is done, no more class times and large groups, instead you can arrive, stay and challenge yourself according to your own personal lifestyle, goals and time-frame.

Designed with scientific methods and proven results, EST has produced many fat loss success stories and life changing transformations.

Read how our system will work for you…

The most flexible workout ever!

Our group training system has been specifically designed for the busy person who wants to train on their terms without the stress of get there at a specific class time.

Within the training hours, you can arrive ANYTIME without booking and do the workout we have pre-designed for you. It doesn’t matter if you miss your alarm or get caught up at work, you can start your workout anytime.

Friendly Environment

Welcome home to your fitness family! Our environment is welcoming and encouraging like family. All trainers and clients will help make you feel at home and comfortable to be yourself.

We are also covid-safe business, with hand sanitizer and disinfectant/wiping systems in place for your security whilst you train.


All Fitness Levels

All our group training workouts are suitable for a brand-new beginner, right up to advanced participants with years of experience.

Our experienced trainers are able to modify any exercise throughout your workout where necessary. We’re also there in every session to help each participant train effectively and safely.



EST programs are designed with the most effective, scientifically proven methods of achieving results.

If you are looking to get leaner, fitter and build strength, EST is for you! There is no other workout that will suit you better, as you can train on your own terms, but still achieve these results. 

Busy mum or dad, business man or travelling contractor – whoever you are. This workout system allows you to achieve your goals, without added stress of fitting into another persons schedule.


Are you interested in joining? Our 3-Day trial pass is available for EST Memberships (residents only). For other services like causal visits, holidays passes, personal training and strong seniors, please speak to us about our current offers.

We look forward to meeting you!